It has been a long and difficult road to get to this point.

In fact, as I write this, it has been exactly a year since we first had an issue with race officials about flying the Palestinian flag in an official race.

To refresh your memory, this is what I speak of. Please see my posts of 16 May 2013 and 21 May 2013 (updated 15 July 2013).

The runners in this case and our supporters received substantial opposition, sometimes from quarters where we would have least expected it.

 - Some told us you cannot take on a giant like WPA and win
 - Some told us we are making unnecessary trouble and should fly our flag somewhere else
 - Some told us we should not be worried about the freedom of Palestinians because they are not in South Africa
 - Some twisted the truth and published it as fact and news without verifying with those involved
 - Our running club told us they cannot be associated with us if we fly the flag in races so we should not run in club colours, and refused our requests for help even when all the facts were presented
 - WPA ignored our requests for explanation and upliftment of disqualifications

We never backed down and were prepared to take this fight to the highest levels necessary in order to have it resolved and justice done. Those that came before us did not give their lives in order for discrimination to flourish in this beautiful country. 

With that in mind, we went the legal route and submitted a complaint of discrimination to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). This is the complaint that we submitted. (Annexures are not included for reasons of privacy protection)

The wheels of the law turn slowly, but they turn nonetheless. After many months of the process taking its course, it finally came to a head in October 2013. Instead of me repeating what was said, I will let you read it yourself. Click on the logo below to read the letter that was eventually sent to the SAHRC by WPA and Two Oceans Marathon.

I will not comment on what was said in the above letter, but to us, it is a clear victory and a reward for the conviction that we have held all along. WE WERE VICTORIOUS!!

The requested meeting was held with all relevant parties present, and my result for Constantia Village 15km on 9 March 2013 was confirmed and included in the official published results listing on the WPA website. So the personal best that I ran is legal and valid. WOOHOO!! The result of Uwais in the Two Oceans Marathon 21km was also ratified and listed on the OMTOM website.

The letter enclosing the settlement agreement can be seen by clicking on the SAHRC logo below.

We will continue the fight for freedom of people around the world. We will continue to run for Palestine.
The great man that was laid to rest today, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, was fortunate to see the reality of what he fought for in South Africa. He saw a free South Africa. It is now our duty to continue what he fought for but didn't get to see... A FREE PALESTINE!!

My hope and prayer is that we get to see a free Palestine in the lifetime of this generation.
May God Almighty help us to be strong and steadfast when we need to, especially in the face of adversity and seemingly insurmountable odds.

I'd like to extend a special thank you to my friends, acquaintances and family who stood by me, and with us, through this ordeal, and assisted us in any small way in the road to this victory. Your support does not go unnoticed and I am eternally grateful.

We will be doing a victory run with the flags at the Gugulethu AC 10km Reconciliation Day run in Gugulethu tomorrow morning.