In 2 weeks time, Cape Town's running mafia will do a 12-hour relay, starting on Friday night 23 March and ending on Saturday morning 24 March, for our darling friend Lucille Swart. To get a glimpse of what an amazing person she is, you just have to spend a few minutes on her blog. But you'd better have a box of tissues handy! She's one of THE most inspiring people you will ever honour of being affected by.  
We will call our team the UNICORNS.

The UNICORN members (in alphabetical order, because that's the only way I can't get into trouble), along with our Twitter handles, are:
Adele         @MissyMac77
Bennii        @bohoparadox
Bianca       @Beanker
Fadeelah   @fadeelahk

Grant         @cpt_grant 
Leigh         @leighwatermouse
Matt           @_Matt_McD_

Melinda     @MingBean
Morné        @mohebo
Naasief      @NaasiefMohamed
Quaseem   @quaseemo
Rachelle    @CreateAStirSA
Rogeema   @Rogeema
Scott          @Scott_Tait
Shelva       @getthofairy
Vaughan    @VaughanMac


At this point you're probably confused, and wondering what in heaven's name I'm on about. Why are we running for 12 hours for someone, why a relay and why right through the freakin' night???

Why on earth are we doing such a crazy thing?

So...maybe this image below will explain it a bit more...


Lucille, a bubbly, vivacious, sporty, full-of-life 24-year old, has been diagnosed with leukaemia for the 3rd time in her short life. She is bravely fighting this beast, and we want to show our support in any little way that we can. She lives in Johannesburg, but is totally in love with Cape Town. It's her favourite city in the entire world, and she has many friends here who love her dearly. Also, unicorns are one of her absolute favourite things!  

Our darling Lushy... 
You do know that you are not alone in this fight, right? We can't take away your pain, even though we so wish that we could. But we can do our utmost to try and make you smile and give you every reason possible to live. You are the light in so many people's lives. You choose to live positively, you give us perspective every single day on what is really important. You make us realise that the little things we moan about are actually just that...little things. We need to focus on what's really important in life... And that is to live every day to the fullest, to appreciate the gift of life that we are so fortunate to have. 

You love to run, but you can't run right now. We are your friends, we love you and so we will run for you. We will run for you in ORANGE...16 orange unicorns circling an athletic track over the space of 12 hours. We will run for you right through the night under the light of the very same moon that shines on you. can you get involved if you are not running?

We will be at the stadium, so feel free to pop by and say hi. Spectators are allowed at the event too. Bring your cameras. There will be games and other activities that you can enjoy with us, or you can even just watch from the stands. Be there for the opening if you can, it is probably the most emotional part of the event. Oh and feel free to bring us goodies to munch on *hint hint* Hey runners need fuel you know! ;)    

Another way you can get involved...and this a VERY important to tweet on the night. Whether you are there or not, tweet us and use the hashtag #Unicorns. The tweets are our main link to Lucille on the night, so we have to make sure she feels the gees. Let's bombard Twitter and get both @lushyluc and #Unicorns trending before midnight on 23 March 2012

The tweet that we are after is one from the TrendsCapeTown account that reads something like this: " #Unicorns and @lushyluc are now trending in Cape Town" 

 We can do this!! 
And we're going to have fun while doing it.