Millions of people have talent, intelligence, vision and amazing gifts, yet...

  • They do not believe in their abilities
  • They cannot conceive that they have a right to happiness or success
  • They are imprisoned in a frustrating present by shortsighted lessons of childhood, or the disappointments of failed efforts
  • They are captives of fear and insecurity

Here are the messages of hope that will encourage them to try again. 
Here are the stories that light the way to empowerment and a life 
changed forever. Here are the steps that lead to a new view of a 
better world. 

More than fifty writers, mentors, entrepreneurs and professional leaders such as Rogeema Kenny have joined Steven E, Lee Beard, Dr Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy and Gregory Scott Reid to make the difference of a lifetime. Together, they provide the compass that shows the way to permission, authority and confidence, pointing the way to personal power. 


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