I am going to be an IRONMAN

Ok so it’s official. Like, officially official. I’m going to do the Ironman African Championship in Nelson Mandela Bay in April 2019.

I’m entered, my flights are booked, and now I have a personal coach as well. I met my Embark Ironman coach this morning at 07h00 between the ATC canal swim and going to work. I love Fridays in summer. We swim at 06h00 at the canals and it is one the earliest socialising times ever. The deck at canals is always a place for greetings and 1-minute social catchups while we are putting on swim caps and still waking up, and about to jump into sometimes icy, sometimes balmy sea water.

Although I have been doing base training for a few months already, there have been a few hits and misses but I’m finally back into the swing of daily training. As from this week I’m officially on a programme so no more fun and games 😑 I opted for a personalised programme because I feel the usual 3-month programme will be a bit too condensed for me. Knowing myself, I would rather take a bit longer and build up slower, so I’m starting earlier.

My weekly programme up at my desk in front of me

If you invite me to anything happening at night or on weekends, please don’t be offended if I refuse. It’s going to be early nights and early mornings for the next 4 months because I want to be an Ironman. Most people (not you, because you’ll be tracking me of course 😉) will already be sleeping while I’m still running a marathon on 7 April, after swimming 4km and cycling 180km.

If you think Im weird to commit to the next 4 months of not having a life besides Ironman, have a look at this short 2-min clip below. And try not to hurt yourself laughing.

I probably will not have a lot of time to blog, but you can follow my journey on Instagram at the hashtag #roggiesroadtoironman.

This is going to be one incredible journey, and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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