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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! (so here’s a gift for you)

It’s the 16th of October. And that means it’s my birthday today. Happy birthday to me!

To celebrate, I want to give you some very special gifts. These have helped me, and I hope that in some small way it can help you or a loved one as well. 

Because sometimes one needs reminders that…

  • You re strong, believe it
  • You have to keep going, despite the odds
  • You don’t have to smile all the time, it’s ok to cry
  • The comfort zone is no place to exist in
  • A rich, full life is the only way to live
  • You need to own your greatness
  • You serve the world by shining, not by shrinking

So go out there and BE AMAZING!

The poster below is by one of my great teachers and sources of inspiration, Robin Sharma, and can be downloaded in high quality .pdf by clicking on the picture. Print it, and put it somewhere where it will serve as a reminder to you.

Can we not serve better if we knew ourselves better? I mean, really, really knowing yourself. What are your strengths? How do they serve you? What drives you?

You can find out by taking a personal strengths profile on the Tony Robbins website here. I was amazed by the analysis that I got back. It will cost you nothing more than a few uninterrupted minutes of your time. Upon completing the exercise, you will be emailed a detailed 30-page report which you can use to drive your personal success. It will help you understand your behavioural style and how to maximise your potential. Complete the DISC and the Values sections. It is absolutely FREE, mahala, and totally worth every penny you didn’t pay for it. If you don’t have time right now, save the link and come back to it later. 

Here’s that link to the DISC and Values index assessments again: click here

Enjoy, while I go and find me some birthday cake!

Love, Roggie

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