It’s time to tame the Buffalo

So race weekend is finally here! After all those years of dreaming and months of training, I am now looking out onto the beach that we will swim at, and the road we will ride and run in.

It has been an incredible journey.

Done with registration and expo, and as I retreat to the silence of my own company…relaxing on the bed and looking through my window at the esplanade, I glance over at the backpack on the dressing table counter that says IRONMAN. Contemplating the magnitude of what it stands for… an unexpected wave of emotion and tears comes over me… the hijabi girl who loved to run, couldn’t swim, and was terrified of a bike. Of all the times I’ve admired people carrying those at triathlons, through airports, in the gym… it’s now my turn to earn the right to wear it myself 😭

I’m doing this for every person that has ever doubted themselves, and thought for whatever reason that they cannot, are not allowed to, or will never be able to do something that they wish to achieve. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Just be prepared to do and endure whatever it takes…(WHATEVER it takes!!), find someone that knows the way and can guide you to it, and find a team that supports you through thick and thin.

I’m taking in every moment of the experience. Was at registration before the doors opened 😅  and made a few essential merchandise purchases at the expo (abovementioned backpack being one of them) 😆 . I don’t know why the security guard directing parking had to do a double take when he told me only athletes can park there and I proceeded to tell him I am one. I mean pfft, I certainly look like an ATHLETE.

I finally signed the #IAMTRUE pledge myself after seeing pictures of so many do it in the years before me, and always thinking that it’s such an honourable act…a promise to your fellow competitors of sportsmanship in every sense of the word.  

I am going to give it everything on Sunday. I owe it to myself and everyone that has ever supported me or doubted me. Every message, phone call, and comment of support has touched me immensely. Thank you once again for being part of my journey. See you on the other side of Ironman 70.3.

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