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Almost time to leave

It’s almost time… we leave home for Hajj tomorrow.

The buildup has been phenomenal. We are beyond excited and cannot wait to reach the Beitullah. My heart longs and yearns for it.

Once again I am reminded of what an amazing family and circle of friends I have. Everyone has been so supportive, from offering to get us things needed for the trip, to helping out with serving the visitors coming to greet, to making and bringing eatables for the tables. WOW. 

This week has seen many late nights, and every night without fail, there has been more than enough hands in the kitchen and up and down between the kitchen and the ‘sitting area’ to make sure that us, the hujaaj, and my mom has a stress-free a time as possible and that we don’t have to do anything at all except seeing to what we personally have to. We will be eternally grateful for this. 

Many family members, friends and acquaintances have also blessed our home with their presence since the beginning of the week and offered their prayers, advice and blessings. We are indeed lucky to be able to benefit from such a diverse pool of knowledge, experience and love. 

Getting to the logistics of the next few days…we’re leaving the house at 11am on Saturday, for the 3pm flight. We arrive at Johannesburg International airport at 5pm, and will be spending the night at my uncle’s place in Bezuidenhout Valley (Bez Valley), where we will leave from the next morning for the 1:40pm flight to Madinah (via Doha). If you are in or around Johannesburg and would like to come around to the airport or the house, please message me for the address. It would be awesome to see some more familiar faces before leaving the country. 

I won’t be using social media much while in the Kingdom during the normal daytime. Time is short and precious, and we would like to make the most of the time we are there to reap maximum benefit from the experience. However, I will be making time to catch up when we have spare time, so feel free to send messages, etc. Even if I don’t respond timeously, be assured that I do receive them. 

Lastly, I am planning to make time to blog the experience. I am so excited to share the journey and some of the significance of it, especially for the benefit of those not familiar with the rituals of Hajj and what it signifies. It’s such an amazing journey and I’d like to share it in some way with those close to me. It will definitely not be every day, but it will be as regularly as what I can manage. 

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent their well wishes, who have contributed in some way (no matter how small) to our trip and the preparations for it, who have come to visit, and who have come to help, and to those who I have yet to see. I am blessed to have you in my life. 

I’m not sure from exactly where my next post will be, but it will be from some place outside of Africa. WOOHOO! 


  • Ssasman

    I make dua that Allah grant you, your sister your daddy a safe journey and may you have the strength to fulfill all your obligations In sha allah ameen. You are in my dua’s even though I did not see you during this week. Remember me in your duas as well In sha allah for me to have the opportunity to stand in front of the holy Ka’bah and perform my gadj In sha allah. I greet you with salaam and await your return to tell us about the most wonderful experience In sha allah. Mwah!

  • Toffar Safaris

    I’m sure that your updates will instill in all of us a renewed yearning to once again revisit THE most sacred place on the planet. And those who have not been there to get so excited and start making their niyahs to also follow your footsteps. May you meet with extra special experiences which you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. This is truly a journey loaded with extraordinary happenings and may Allah grant you the very best InshaAllah. Make duah that Islam should once again rise to the epitome of its golden years and when you come at the qabr of Nabi Muhammed’s SAW send him our salaams. Fee amaanilaah!

  • Roshani

    Salaam Rogheema. I was hoping to greet you before you left but had confused the dates 🙁 my thoughts and duahs are with you and Fadielah. Every step is going to feel like a magnetic pull effect and you’ll find it difficult to leave. You’ll want each moment embedded in your memory forever. May the Almighty grant you good health, strength to complete this auspicious journey and bring you safe home. May you be granted a hajj
    Maqbool and Maqbroor Inshallah. Love and Salaam, Roshan

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