The 5th Pillar of Faith…

This is a short post, to make an important announcement on behalf of myself and my sister, Fadeelah.

Myself (Rogeema), as well as my sister (Fadeelah) and father (Abdullatief) would like to bid farewell to our beloved family and friends as we will be departing for the Hajj pilgrimage on 22 September, insha-Allah.

We would like to beg forgiveness from you for anything we might have said or done, knowingly or unknowingly, that might have offended you. We also seek a duah (prayer) for our well-being, health and strength to fufill all our obligations of this spiritual journey. We will be sure to remember you in our prayers.

It is just under a month until we leave, and we are busy with final preparations for the trip. This is a very exciting time, and also has its challenges, as it is indeed the journey of a lifetime.

It is the first time that Fadeelah and I will be making this trip, although my father has been before. We are very honoured and grateful to have the opportunity of sharing this experience with him. 

We are leaving home on Saturday, 22 September at 11am. This is the internet, so of course I can’t post my physical address here. But you are of course welcome to ask me for the address privately if you’d like to come around and visit, and if you don’t already have it.

I will be in touch with blog updates again before we depart. Until then… farewell.

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