Announcement – Wake Up, Live The Life You Love

Good day my dear friends

On this beautiful day I would like to make a very special announcement. 

I am a co-author in a book called Wake Up, Live The Life You Love: Empowered. 

It has been a great honour for me to be a part of this amazing project, as I am one of over 40 co-authors from around the world to be featured in the book. Other co-authors include Brian Tracy, Alex Mandossian, Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Michael Beckwith, John Assaraf and Gregory Scott Reid, amongst others. I am in the company of greatness!

I am also beyond humbled that a quote of mine made it to the back cover, something I didn’t know about until the cover was released. And isn’t this cover just absolutely gorgeous?

Back and front covers of Empowered

We are taking this book to the bestseller list at Barnes & Noble today. In fact, it is already on the top 100 list. 

Since this morning it has gone from being ranked over 1200 to 485 to 203… and the last time I checked it was at 88. It has already made it to the top 100 and we are aiming to get it to the top 10 today.  

I am the only co-author from South Africa in this book, in fact I am the only one from Africa. I haven’t yet launched the book in South Africa but it is available in certain bookstores already. You can also get one by purchasing it directly from me using the link on my website. 

The fact that we are taking this book to the bestseller list on June 16th is also very special to me. I had no direct influence in this date as it was decided by the publishers in the US. But I think that it is no coincidence that this is the anniversary of the day when 33 years ago, on 16 June 1976, the students of South Africa stood up against a corrupt state and were prepared to die for their freedom. They were prepared to die for their education!

To the brave heroes and martyrs of the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, I salute you! It brings a tear of gratitude to my eye to acknowledge that we are free today because of your sacrifies. I dedicate the worldwide launch of this book today to you. 

As you read this and whether you are commemorating the public holiday in South Africa or not, please remember our heroes of the struggle – those who still live and those who have passed – those who are famous and those who are not. Aluta Continua!!

On a personal note, I hope my featured story inspires you to greater heights, to live beyond your wildest dreams and to prosper. It is my wish for you. Purchasing at Barnes & Noble today will help push it to the Top 10 list, but you may use the links on my order page to purchase the book using the most convenient channel for you. 

I thank you.

Love & Regards


  • Quaseem

    Hey I had to get the book!
    I must commend you on job well done. The book has some realy great inspiring stories that has lessons that we could draw from, relate to, and keep one motivated to achieving ones goal.

    I’m still far from done but its been pretty good thus far! 🙂

  • Tim Upton

    Hi Rogeema, congrats on the Success of the: “Wake Up, Live The Life You Love: Empowered” Book Launch, looks like it could climb the charts in the top 100 we are looking forward to getting a copy to be inspired by all the authors, best regards Tim Upton A Very Proud South African

  • Gavin Overmeyer

    Hey Rogeema,

    This is amazing!! I am so proud of you. I, as your number one fan, am firstly going to pull out all stops to purchase a copy, and secondly, get every friend and family member to purchse copies as well. It is indeed an honour to know you, my dear. May this book be the catalyst to many great things in your life.

    Warm regards.
    Gavin Overmeyer.

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