It’s Official – ‘Empowered’ is an international BESTSELLER!


It has been an absolutely amazing past 2 days for Wake Up, Live The Life You Love: Empowered and its co-authors. It’s official – ‘Empowered’ is an international bestseller!

The book has reached as high as #4 on Barnes & Noble overall salesrank and #1 in the Self-Improvement category. 

It has also reached the Top 10,000 at Now if you don’t know much about, that might not sound like a very cool thing, but they have over 14 million books for sale at any given time. So anything in the Top 500,000 is considered excellent and a bestseller. 

You can get your own copy directly from me by going to my Order Page. I only have a limited amount of copies and once the book is launched here next week, I envisage that it will sell out like hot cakes. 

I’d also like to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes. I really appreciate the positive energy and excitement going around right now 😁

Looking forward to seeing you soon at a book-signing near you…

Live your dreams…

Be true to your purpose…

and Never Give Up!!!

Love & Regards
Rogeema (bestselling author)   → I couldn’t resist! 😎

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