Make 2015 your most fabulous year yet!

It’s still January, the children have only just started school this week, and the klopse had their new year’s parade in Cape Town only 5 days ago. It is therefore not too late to post my new year’s message. (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

The start of a year is traditionally a time that we reflect on the year that passed, evaluate our lives and set new goals. I say ‘traditionally’ because these things can, of course, be done at any time of the year. 

I hope 2014 has been kind to you. And if it hasn’t, I hope that you have learned some valuable life lessons from the challenges that it has thrown at you. To me, it was a roller coaster of a year which once again made sure I grow as a person. I have faced some tough challenges, but some of them really showed me who deserves to be in my inner circle and who has no business there. And I’ve had to shed some harmful relationships in the process, which is never an easy thing. I’ve also achieved some things both professionally and in sport that I am really proud of and that will remain fondly in my heart for a very long time. Some of these include my debut and 2nd marathon, learning to swim, my debut and 2nd (sprint-distance) triathlon, personal bests in every race distance I ran, and being invited to chair all sessions of a stream at the 2-day African Utility Week conference where I presented a paper in 2012.  

I hope that as you read this, you can look at me as someone who has added some kind of value to your life, and that has been there for you when you’ve needed me. I highly value my relationships, and being a good friend that people can count on is very high on my list of priorities. 

I hope 2015 brings you joy, happiness, laughter, and just enough sorrow and sadness to appreciate the good times. I hope it challenges us all to grow, to transcend, to prosper. Maximum growth occurs at the border of order and chaos, so it is important for us to have both. It never feels good to go through tough times, but always remember that God has a great plan for you. Trust him.

See you on the flip side…

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