RISE & SHINE – Welcome to the Grind

You’re a sportsperson. 

You test and defy the limits of the human body, no matter what your level… 
Always pushing harder, going further, lifting higher…You love to feel the strength in your muscles as they work to carry you through from the start to that finish line…

But to push hard, go long, and be strong takes hours, days, months, and years of defying alarm clocks and snooze buttons, going out in the cold, going out in the dark… to train, to race. 

No man or woman can do that without a solid motivation, whether internal or external.

For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way, and the easy way? Remember this is the grind – the battle between you and your mind, your body and the devil on your shoulder telling you to stop. You’ve got to call up the fire that burns deep inside, the fire fueled by your reason for doing what it is you’re doing, the fire that needs to come out and light up your entire being so that you can shine, so that you can go out there and claim the greatness that you know is yours. 

Someone sent me this video earlier this week. I think it’s brilliant!I use it to get AMPED and READY. And I want you to use it to get AMPED and READY!



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