My eyes burned…

I’m starting this post off with a disclaimer that what follows is not an original post of mine, but rather something that I received in an email newsletter a few days ago. It is from someone who is always a source of great inspiration to me, Robin Sharma. These words are too beautiful not to share, not only because of what it means to me, but also because so much of it really is what I want to say to you from me too. So I hope you like it. 

My eyes burn as I watch you overcome your trials, stand in the fire and still walk forward to touch your dreams. 

I am awed to see how you leverage adversity and turn it into bravery. 

You make me feel stronger as I see you battling your fears, transcending your doubts and releasing your excuses so you visit the places that frighten you. 

I grow inspired as I witness your relentless devotion to improving every aspect of your self, your life and our world. 

You clearly get that there are no extra people alive today. We are all built to do epic things. And walk with the giants. 

You get that there is a call on your life, a mission you’ve been delivered and a dream that must be done. Anything less is surrender. 

Heroes aren’t just the warriors, the firefighters and the teachers. Heroes are the women and men, who each day, pursue a silent personal victory. A victory over average. A win against mediocrity. And a success above defeat. 

I know reaching for what’s highest can be hard. I’ve faced my own times in the valley. But please trust that every season has its end. The darkness always becomes overwhelmed by the light. And icy winters inevitably make way for the fullest blossoms of breathtaking spring. 

So on this day, I want you to know, that you are a gift. You have power beyond what you currently know. Strength beyond today’s evidence. And gifts that each one of us alive today long to see. 

I believe this. And I know it to be true. Today, go own your best. We’ll always love you for it. 

With heartfelt gratitude and an appreciation deeper than you’ll ever know, 



With all my love,

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