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Thank you…and you…and YOU!

On Sunday, 8 January 2012, I will run the Bay to Bay 30km race. It is a breathtaking route from Camps Bay to Hout Bay, and back to Camps Bay, with 60% of the route having a view of the stunning Atlantic Ocean. 

It will be my first 30km race, and also the longest I have done thus far.
Besides being beautiful, the race is also very tough. The route map and profile is shown below:

(picture credit: Aashiek

The reason for this post is to say thank you to everyone who has been there for me through this journey. Even if you have played a very small part in motivating me, supporting me, offering advice, asking for advice, kicking my ass, or adding your 2c in the smallest of comments or just asking how the training/running is going.

The work has been done. Months of training has all come down to this. The long runs, the speedwork, the cross-training. I have to now trust that the training was enough and that it has worked…especially the workouts that I really didn’t feel like doing, like getting up super-early for a Sunday long run when I’d rather sleep in, or dragging myself to the track for speed training when I’m exhausted from a day’s work, when it’s hot or the wind is howling, and I just know that those 400m repeats are going to hurt! 

And when I know that if I don’t go, nothing will really happen. Nobody is waiting for me there, nobody is standing there forcing me to do it, and nobody will really give me grief if I skipped the workout. I could even try to make myself feel better by saying that I was tired. But I knew that…deep down, I would know. Deep down, you always know! 

And on race day, the difference between being able to push through a wall or not could come down to that one workout that you skipped, that could have acclimatised your body to dealing with heat, wind, tired legs, or whatever it is you have to overcome at that very moment.  

The race starts at 6am and the cut-off time for the 30km is 4 hours. I will be aiming to complete it in 3:45. Having said that, I would be more than happy with finishing in any time UNDER the 4hr cut-off, so a 3:59:59 will do too 🙂

To everyone else doing the race as well (the 30km or the 2x15km relay), I wish you everything of the very best! May the breeze be at our backs and may our legs be stronger than the ruthless hill of the mighty Suikerbossie. Most of all, may your spirit carry your body to the finish and cross the line with a smile on your face.

Whatever you do, DO NOT give up…



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